New Program at the Parkinson Place Comprehensive Care Center


CreativeLEAPS, LLC will be providing its services at Parkinson Place Comprehensive Care Center. Neurologic music therapist Marion Haase, and St. Mary of the Woods College music therapy practicum student Chris Ramos will co-lead a Neurologic Music Therapy exercise group to maintain/improve:


I. Motor function

The music therapist provides live music as an external cue, specifically selected to support and exercise safe walking patterns, and improve balance.

Participants play musical instruments of all kinds configured to facilitate functional fine and gross motor exercises. No musical training necessary.

Strength and endurance training require repetition as well as proper form, this is achieved with music by providing force, timing, and spatial cues through live music.

II. Cognitive function

Appropriate live therapeutic musical exercises can provide a fun and engaging challenge to your brain, requiring attention, memory, and executive function abilities.

III. Speech and language

Singing exercises focus on vocal range, LOUDNESS, rate of speech, intelligibility, and breath support.

IV. Social and emotional health

Active participation in music (making music) among friends old and new supports relationships, gives you a voice and a platform to express yourself, provides you with a type of validation that goes beyond words, and can provide the social and emotional support we all need in life.

V. The musician within

Musicianship is a human phenomenon, and we are all born with the ability to perceive and create music. Unleash the artist in an encouraging and fun environment. EVERYONE is born to interact with music!

We are all creative. As Maya Angelou stated “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”