5 Benefits of Playing in a Band

We are about to begin our THIRD Rock Band session! We’ve created this Music Therapy Social Skills group (no musical experience or knowledge required) because we know both personally and professionally that playing in a band has many benefits.

Here are just 5 of the many benefits ANYONE can get from playing in a band:


  1. CreativeLEAPS Rock Band at Noon performance, August 2018 at ProTherapy Plus in Lutz, FL

    Conflict Resolution Skills: We’ve all heard of the bands that have broken up because of disagreements, but we often forget about the bands that have stayed together through the tough situations. The moment you don’t agree on the direction of the music, everyone must come together to respectfully work together to find a solution.

  2. Collaboration Through the Creative Process: Everyone in a band has something to bring to the table. Some of the best songs out there come from several creative minds coming together.
  3. Respect for Yourself and Others: We all feel a little vulnerable when we show our creative side. For a band to be successful, everyone must be respectful of one another but, most importantly, of themselves. Band members provide each other with a safe place to let their inhibitions go. They respect one another during the musical voyages they take as they play each song.
  4. Understanding How to Give and Receive Constructive Feedback: In order to create music as a group one must be able to listen to constructive feedback without feeling defensive or hurt. By the same token, it’s important be empathetic and tactful to communicate respectfully and constructively.
  5. Connecting With Others Through Music: Playing music together has many benefits. Scientists have found playing music together literally synchronizes players brains to one another! There are many ways music connects us. So, call your friend, and make some music together!


Have you played in a band or ensemble? Tell us in the comments about your experiences sharing music with others!


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