A Student-Centered Approach:

Our approach to music education has grown from the person-centered foundations of Music Therapy, which we translate into a student-centered approach. We do not aim to create musical prodigies, we simply nurture the unique musician and artist that exists in everyone.

A free initial consultation is required (this includes playing some instruments and a brief interview where we answer questions and ask you questions too!). Please contact us to set up a consultation appointment.

You will not see us spend 30-40 minutes on a single instrument and following the instructions in a book. Our students of all abilities will engage with a wide variety of instruments and learn about music in multiple ways. If they gravitate toward an instrument/genre, more emphasis will be placed on that.

The instruments we use:

We teach music using an eclectic, multi-sensory approach. Depending on the individual or group, we may implement some or all of the instruments we have at our disposal, including:


  • Strings (violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, dulcimer, autoharp, mandolin, ukulele, cuatro)
  • Percussion (drumset, West Afriacan hand drums, pitched percussion like xylophones and marimbas, diatonic bells, resonator bells,  auxiliary percussion instruments)
  • Keyboard (piano, keyboard, accordion)
  • Brass, woodwind, wind (trumpet, flugel, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, ocarina, recorder, harmonica, other wind instruments)
  • Electronic music (MIDI, music production and recording, electronic musical gadgets like the makey makey, musical apps)
  • Voice and body percussion
  • DIY and upcycled musical instruments



Our goal – Nurture the well-rounded musician:

We work on music appreciation, technique, literacy, performance, and artistry.

We place great importance in the process of learning and the research-based benefits of learning music and musical instruments, while taking into account individual differences in learning styles, and needs.

Music is a wonderful means of promoting inclusivity and harmony amongst individuals of various backgrounds. By creating a well-rounded musician, our hope is that the good vibrations they experience in class will have a ripple effect towards those who are around them, creating musical connections with others and experimenting with the multitude of musical possibilities that exist!  

We encourage making mistakes, creativity, and will adapt the music to create positive experiences

Our hope is that our students will continue to nurture the musician within for the rest of their lives!

Contact us for a free group demonstration at your facility, to attend one of our current classes, or to schedule a free private lesson.