Phone Serenade for your loved ones!

During this time of social distancing, it is important to stay connected for our mental and physical well-being. We all know music can bring us together, and some of us are more comfortable than others singing into a phone, so we want to make this a special gift you can send to a loved one

Donations are highly appreciated during this time of uncertainty for community-focused musicians like ourselves. After submitting your request, you will be taken to our donation page.

We will take any amount you are able to donate, and if you are not able to pay at this time, we are right there with you (most of us – if not all of us – involved in the arts and service industries are seeing no income for an indefinite amount of time), so we don’t want you to feel left out! If there is someone you cannot be close to and you want them to know you are thinking of them, let us help you with the beauty of music! 

We will call your special person, give them a short message of your choice, and sing our rendition of a song of your choice to them, live, over the phone, letting them know you are thinking of them. We estimate the musical phone call will last maximum 5 minutes.

Who will be calling my special person? Two of creativeLEAPS, Inc. officers will personally making these musical calls to your special person.

Recipient must be 18 years of age or older, only United States phone numbers, no international calls at this time. Only personal or residential numbers allowed: (note: we will delete this person's name and number from our records as soon as the call is made, you will receive an email when the phone call has been completed)
When you hit submit, you will be taken to our donation page. We are volunteering our time to help connect our community through music during this time of social distancing. We do not know how long we will face zero income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, we are still dedicated to volunteering our time and talents to help you stay connected to your loved ones. 

Please consider donating. Any amount is greatly appreciated!