Music with Art

Accent, composition, chromatic, dissonance, genre, harmony, improvisation, lyrical, movement, motif, rhythm, tension, tone…

 …these and many other terms are used in both music and art, which isn’t surprising, given that both are forms of expression that we humans seek and need in our lives.

We don’t believe it is necessary to isolate creative modalities. Everything we do is connected in some way, and ultimately affects connections in our brain, our bodies, and with our surroundings. We find great joy in providing opportunities to experience live music and art, working together.

Live music used as a source of inspiration as well as a tool for creating art. Individuals will engage with music and art, blurring the line between the two artistic forms, uniting them to create unique works of art.

 As Music Therapists, we are able to take the musical discoveries that stems from this marriage of visual art and music, and further explore the nonmusical roots of such expressions. We can use the art in conjunction with music therapy to enhance the music therapy experience and cater to needs that sometimes cannot be addressed with music alone.

We currently provide group and individual Music and Art sessions and we are always ready to begin new Music and Art programs at various facilities.

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