Live Music and Dance

“It is music and dance that make me at peace with the world.” –  Nelson Mandela

It is inevitable that your feet will move to the beat of a song. Dance and music co-exist within us all!

Spacial awareness, coordination, attention, executive function skills, and so much more is involved when music and dance depend on one another equally.

We provide live music and creative dance, performed separately and together. Musical performance is a dance in itself, but when we take away the spatial restrictions of a musical instrument by reconfiguring how they are placed, or how they are used, the dancer can also become the musician. By exploring space and sound, the artist will create a dance that involves movement and live music.

As Music Therapists, we customize the instruments and the movements so that the experience is specifically catered to the clients and students we work with. We have a diverse library of instruments and a Pandora’s box of creativity that make this a unique experience!

We provide group Music and Dance programs at different facilities.

Please contact us to schedule a free group demonstration at your facility.